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Tanasonic, Yoko Kanno biggest concert

Tanabata is the Japanese star festival happening every year on July 7. For some reason Yoko Kanno chose this date in 2009 to celebrate her anime composer 15th anniversary. All the promotion and the event itself was around the number seven: the date, the ticket price, the start hour… And now let me share with you the notes I took back then 7 years ago!

Tanasonic, aka the Super Dimensional Tanabata Sonic (超時空七夕ソニック), happened on July 7, 2009, in Saitama, 1 hour north of Tokyo. It took place in Saitama Super Arena and was a mindblowing 3 hours long concert hosted by Yoko Kanno, along with the Seatbelts, Maaya Sakamoto, Origa, Yamane Mai, Steve Conte, Scott Matthew, May’n, Megumi Nakajima, the choir Gey’s Ax and the full Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. Did you get why “Super Dimensional” now? Continue reading Tanasonic, Yoko Kanno biggest concert

Origa, the Electric Diva

To us Yoko Kanno fans, Origa was an amazing singer who performed the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex openings with her stunning electro-lyrical voice. One year after her passing, I think she deserves a special post because she was way more than just a gifted singer, and of course we'll talk about her collaborations with Yoko.

Life and carreer

Origa, from her true name Olga Yakovleva,  was born on October 12, 1970, near Novosibirsk in Russia. She started studying music when she was 5 and she wrote a song she performed on TV when she was 11. Music seems to have always been a important part of her life.

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What happened in 2015

Did you miss anything last year? Here's a comprehensive recap!

And also, best music wishes for 2016!

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Maaya Sakamoto 20th Anniversary Follow Me Live

Yoko Kanno was a special guest at Maaya Sakamoto’s 20th anniversary live at Saitama on 2015, April 25.

She performed a piano solo medley, Yakusoku wa Iranai, Platinum, Hikari Are, Sono Mama De Iinda and Pocket o Kara ni Shite.

Yoko Kanno playing Pocket o Kara ni Shite
Yoko Kanno playing Pocket o Kara ni Shite

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Maaya Sakamoto 20th anniversary concert

Today’s a big day, cause Maaya Sakamoto announced she will be performing with Yoko Kanno next year for her 20th anniversary project.

This commemoration live is entitled FOLLOW ME and will take place at Saitama Super Arena, one hour away from Tokyo. For the record, it’s exactly where Yoko Kanno performed the Tanasonic concert 5 years ago!
Yoko Kanno is listed as a guest along with the band apart.

Maaya Sakamoto 20th anniversary live FOLLOW ME
Guests: Yoko Kanno, the band apart
Date: 2015-04-25, opens at 2pm and starts at 4pm
Location: Saitama Super Arena
Price: pre-sale ¥ 8,640, public sale ¥ 9,180 (LED wrist band incl.)
Ticket sale start day: 2015-03-14

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