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Our Little Sister O.S.T.

The original soundtrack of the Japanese movie Our Little Sister (original title: Umimachi Diary) was released on 2015, June 10.

This album was recorded in Japan with a limited set of orchestra instruments: piano, celesta, glockenspiel, strings, harp, flute, alto flute and clarinet. The theme of Suzu, the main theme of this album, is re-arranged countless times and other themes are less memorable. All tracks last less than two minutes except the final track End Roll which groups all the themes in a orchestra arrangement: five minutes of bliss! There’s also one short and good song , Illumina, performed by Julia Shortreed. The lyrics are not credited (probably because they’re too simple) but this is certainly Gabriela Robin’s work.

UmimachiDiaryOSTCoverOur Little Sister O.S.T.
Release date: 2015-06-10
Total length: 28:57
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Clammbon new single “Yet”

Clammbon released their new single today on iTunes, and actually announced last week that Yoko Kanno did the strings arrangements!

Release date: 2015-02-11
Price: 750 ¥
Total length: 13:58
Vocals & Lyrics: Harada Ikuko
Music: mito
Arrangement: Yoko Kanno

1. yet
2. サラウンド-出戻Re-mix- (Surround -shutsurei Re-mix-) [Surround -coming back Re-mix-]
3. yet-instrumental-

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Release: Terror in Resonance O.S.T. 2 -crystalized-

The Terror in Resonance official website OST page has been updated with samples from the second album.

TerrorInResonanceOST2CoverTerror in Resonance O.S.T. 2 -crystalized-
Ref.: SVWC-70027
Release date: 2014-10-22
Price: 3,000 ¥ (tax not included)
Total length: 59:56
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Release – Space☆Dandy O.S.T. 2

The second Space☆Dandy O.S.T. is out today and Yoko Kanno wrote 3 tracks which are all quite different from each other.

Sci-Fi Palace is a piece of baroque music with harpsichords and organs. classique d’amour〜Ai no KURASHIKKU is also a piece of classical music but this time we have a triumphant orchestral track with strings and orchestral percussions and led by a trumpet. And Uchūsen wa MAHIMAHI no Yume o Miru is a Hawaiian casual and relaxed track.

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Release – Dareka, Umi o

Today was the release date of the Terror of Resonance ending theme single by Aimer.

My ears are very happy today because they can listen to the full version of the song which is magnificently written, performed and mixed. Every single sound, instrument, voice in this song perfectly mixes itself with the other sounds and the final result is a kind of a dark prayer, a little twisted at some point, but in a very beautiful way.

Aimer Dareka Umi o standard