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Terror of Resonance #1 Music

The first episode of Terror of Resonance aired last week and featured plenty of unreleased music.

This is definitely not surprising if you’re familiar with Yoko Kanno’s soundtracks. But still, the first episode only uses 2 pieces of music from the O.S.T. (3 actually, but birden is played only for 7 seconds), and fugl is even played twice. Among the music played in the episode, there seems to be 2 or 3 long instrumental action tracks, and the rest is composed of very short inserted pieces of music.

The episode was also the occasion to discover the ending theme, sounding a bit like another song Yoko Kanno wrote but I cannot point out which one (I would have said a song from Turn A Gundam but I just listened to the whole soundtrack again and couldn’t find it…). Anyway, it’s a sad and dark song with a very interesting arrangement, I’m looking forward to the full version (in September…).

Here is a little sheet presenting the music played in the episode:


What did you think of this first episode?

Release – Terror in Resonance O.S.T. 1

Today is the release day of the first O.S.T. of Terror in Resonance.

It was actually already out yesterday in some places in Japan, I was able to buy one copy and I can tell this album is awesome!

Terror in Resonance OST and limited edition bag

There’s a bag with the limited edition, but the interesting stuff is on the CD.

The cover is actually composed of 3 separate transparent layers, and the booklet is quite special too. It contains pretty long descriptions for each song, as well as Japanese translations of the different songs lyrics. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try to translate the notes someday.

Terror in Resonance OST Booklets

For those wondering if this high resolution (96kHz/24bits) CD is playable anywhere, it is. But you need a special and expensive player to play it in HD.

You can purchase this album on Amazon Japan or CD Japan.

Or you can buy just the music files on the website mora in normal or HD quality, and also on iTunes Japan.

I’m now waiting for the O.S.T. 2 announcement…