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What happened in 2015

Did you miss anything last year? Here's a comprehensive recap!

And also, best music wishes for 2016!

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Terror in Resonance unreleased stats

It’s been a while since the second soundtrack is out but I only took some time today to clean the music sheets I’ve been maintaining.

You can have a look at these by clicking on the link below:

Terror in Resonance Music Sheets

Some interesting numbers: there were 49 tracks featured in the show, only 13 of them are unreleased. Compared to Wolf’s Rain or Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, that’s a fairly low number.

I really wanted to be able to listen to the alternative version of ess but that won’t probably happen. Too bad but I’m used to it! 😉

Steve Conte reminiscing his work with Kanno

Steve Conte shared 3 posts yesterday about his works with Yoko Kanno.

He speaks about his favorite song Call Me Call Me, and also about THE GARDEN OF EVERYTHING ~電気ロケットに君をつれて~ (Denki Rocket ni Kimi o Tsurete) he recorded with Maaya Sakamoto for her single Tune the Rainbow.

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Release: Terror in Resonance O.S.T. 2 -crystalized-

The Terror in Resonance official website OST page has been updated with samples from the second album.

TerrorInResonanceOST2CoverTerror in Resonance O.S.T. 2 -crystalized-
Ref.: SVWC-70027
Release date: 2014-10-22
Price: 3,000 ¥ (tax not included)
Total length: 59:56
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