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Arnòr Dan and Yoko Kanno

Arnòr Dan posted a picture he took with Yoko Kanno and Keisuke “Tommy” Tominaga at the sundlaugin studio in Reykjavik earlier this year during the recording of the Terror in Resonance music.

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Terror in Resonance #11 Music & O.S.T. 2 LP

The final episode of Terror of Resonance aired a few hours ago, using as expected bless in its ending credits.


It also featured birden in an incredibly moving scene, and an unreleased church choir track, perhaps the same track from the first serie trailer.

In total, I’ve counted 59 tracks with 18 from the first O.S.T..
Obviously, every unreleased track will not be released, but we can hope that out of these 41 unreleased tracks around 20 of them will be on the second O.S.T..

By the way, the second album tracklist is still unknown but they announced they will release a LP version of the album and they also published its cover:


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Terror in Resonance #9 Music

The song von, which can be seen as the central track of the first O.S.T., was used in this episode which by the way received highly rated comments from viewers!

von was inserted during more than 5 minutes in a really moving scene, and the other BGM tracks of this episode are all tracks I hope to see in the second O.S.T.!


Only 2 episodes left!

Terror of Resonance #1 Music

The first episode of Terror of Resonance aired last week and featured plenty of unreleased music.

This is definitely not surprising if you’re familiar with Yoko Kanno’s soundtracks. But still, the first episode only uses 2 pieces of music from the O.S.T. (3 actually, but birden is played only for 7 seconds), and fugl is even played twice. Among the music played in the episode, there seems to be 2 or 3 long instrumental action tracks, and the rest is composed of very short inserted pieces of music.

The episode was also the occasion to discover the ending theme, sounding a bit like another song Yoko Kanno wrote but I cannot point out which one (I would have said a song from Turn A Gundam but I just listened to the whole soundtrack again and couldn’t find it…). Anyway, it’s a sad and dark song with a very interesting arrangement, I’m looking forward to the full version (in September…).

Here is a little sheet presenting the music played in the episode:


What did you think of this first episode?