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Words or music is the same when expressing something

The CPRA (Center for Performers’ Rights Administration) published an interview in October 2011. I actually wrote a very incomplete translation in 2011 and I found it back recently so I thought it was time to complete it! (lol)

That was 6 months after the big earthquake that ravaged Japan’s Miyagi prefecture on March 11, and Yoko Kanno had just written Flowers Will Bloom, a song for a NHK charity project that has become very popular since then.

Words or music is the same when expressing something

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What happened in 2015

Did you miss anything last year? Here's a comprehensive recap!

And also, best music wishes for 2016!

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Hana wa Saku Compilation Album

A compilation of 16 different versions of Hana wa Saku [Flowers Will Bloom] will be released on April 3rd, 2015.

More information about the Flowers Will Bloom project here in English.

If there’s one album to buy, I’d say this one because royalties are managed by the NHK Public Welfare Organization and donated to the affected areas of the 2011 earthquake.

Recovery Support Song “Hana wa Saku”
Compilation Album

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