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My name is Yyrkoon, I am French and am currently living in Tokyo. I can speak English and Japanese, which helps me a lot when looking at Japanese news about Yoko Kanno.

I first heard Yoko Kanno’s music 15 years ago with Escaflowne, and since then I’ve been a huge fan of her works. I joined the YKDB community a few years later, and met amazing people from all over the world who share the same love for her music. I’ve also helped May a little by writing a few of the recent Gabriela Robin articles.


First of all, the main reason that motivated me to start this website was the fact there was no updated English blog anymore since the last update of Gabriela Robin in January 2013.

And there is also another thing I’ve been thinking over for a few years. Like the multilingual wikipedia pages, I wanted to create a multilingual site where the articles would be available in many languages in order to reach more people in the world.

WorldWide Y.K.

So I created WorldWide Y.K., a multilingual WordPress blog about Yoko Kanno.

If an article is not translated, it will still appear in English until a translation is written.

By the fans, for the fans

However, I cannot provide other translations than French, and actually it is already very time-consuming to post English articles, that’s why I don’t even plan on translating posts in French.

That’s why I need help, hoping that among the readers there will be some persons willing to translate some articles.

Some of you could ask “Why? We already have news from anime websites”. The thing is, although her most famous work is anime soundtrack, Yoko Kanno does a lot of other stuff too, and sometimes really awesome music like songs for commercials, events, game or movie soundtracks. And actually we need the news to be gathered on one website.


If you have any news about Yoko Kanno, or if you’d like to help translating the website, or for any matter actually, feel free to contact me at:

worldwide (dot) yokokanno (at) gmail (dot) com

It will always be my pleasure!

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