If you have any news about Yoko Kanno, or if you’d like to help translating the website, or for any matter actually, feel free to contact me at:

worldwide (dot) yokokanno (at) gmail (dot) com

It will always be my pleasure!

4 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello, do you know if the Loopto site is safe for buying the Piano Inc./Yoko Kanno products?
    And it’s so difficult to contact Yoko Kanno! I want to suggest she releases her orchestral sheet music but I never found any e-mail I could contact her! I’m sad! If you know how I can contact her, please, advise me?!
    Do you know if Piano Inc. is a Yoko Kanno label? And do you know if she intends to release her orchestral sheet music?
    And I’d like to suggest you to make a list of all the official sheet music Yoko Kanno has released! 😉

    Thanks for reading!

    PS.: I’m almost sure this is an official sheet music of her:

    1. The Cowboy Bebop sheet music is official (it has been validated) but is not arranged by her.

      The only official sheet music she personally made are available on the Piano Inc. website, but it’s complicated to buy from there. I think there’s only the choir and the Petal Dance piano ones.

  2. Hey Yy, sorry about dropping this piece of info here. It seems the old ykDB forum is finally down. So sad to see all of that content just vanish all of a sudden… think you might be in contact with someone who might salvage those old discussions and maybe migrate to a newer board?

    As always, thanks to your great work on your website.

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