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Maaya Sakamoto 20th anniversary concert

Today’s a big day, cause Maaya Sakamoto announced she will be performing with Yoko Kanno next year for her 20th anniversary project.

This commemoration live is entitled FOLLOW ME and will take place at Saitama Super Arena, one hour away from Tokyo. For the record, it’s exactly where Yoko Kanno performed the Tanasonic concert 5 years ago!
Yoko Kanno is listed as a guest along with the band apart.

Maaya Sakamoto 20th anniversary live FOLLOW ME
Guests: Yoko Kanno, the band apart
Date: 2015-04-25, opens at 2pm and starts at 4pm
Location: Saitama Super Arena
Price: pre-sale ¥ 8,640, public sale ¥ 9,180 (LED wrist band incl.)
Ticket sale start day: 2015-03-14

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