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Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra New Year Concert 2015

Yoko Kanno will perform as a guest at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall in 2015, January 7, for the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra New Year concert.

This piece of news is from August but was somehow unnoticed.

The Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra recorded the Gochisan drama soundtrack Yoko Kanno wrote.

The Gochisōsan music also Hana wa Saku will be performed.

Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra
New Year Concert 2015

Barbara Payha(Soprano)
Iwao Onuki(Tenor)
Yoko Kanno(Piano)
Uwe Theimer (Conductor)
Vienna Volksoper Ballet
Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra

Date: 2015-01-07 (Wed), opens at 18:20, starts at 19:00
Place: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
Ticket sale start day:2014-09-10 (Wed)
Prices (taxes incl.):
S pair seats*: ¥ 14,000, S seats: ¥ 8,000, A seats: ¥ 6,000, B seats: ¥ 4,000
*S pair tickets can only be purchased on the camerata website

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Gochisōsan O.S.T. 2

Another Gochisōsan soundtrack album will be released in April.

This new album entitled おかわり (Okawari, this is what Japanese say when they want a rice or a soup refill) will contain a total of 26 new tracks (63 minutes) and will be released on April 9, 2014.

Gochisosan O.S.T. 2

It will be available on Amazon as well as on iTunes (Japan) where you can listen to an extract of every song.


01. おかわり!
02. いちごの唄~源太出征の日
03. 形而上マチウド
04. ピアノは踊る
05. ナニワ幻燈
06. ヒゲモ駄ニズム
07. おだいどこ研究室
08. 蘇州夜曲
09. うずもれ
10. NUKADOKO ノスタルヂヤ
11. 新都市萌芽
12. イケズタンゴ
13. パン耳
14. ルパシカ
15. 三文物理
16. 無垢な食卓
17. 沫のごと
18. 子供たるもの
19. 元少女倶楽部
20. ふ久の不思議な世界
21. 瓦解ス
22. 冷たき血
23. ミッション
24. 8万8千回の口福
25. アダジオ
26. いただきます
27. ごちそうさん交響曲

My favorite track is the 21th track, very short but so intense!


Gochisōsan O.S.T. 1

Yoko Kanno wrote the soundtrack of a new drama entitled Gochisōsan.

On September 30, 2013 started a new drama entitled 「ごちそうさん」(Gochisōsan) which is made from the Japanese expression people say after a good meal ごちそうさま (Gochisōsama).


A small comment from Yoko Kanno can be found on the Gochisōsan official website:

When I thought of Gochisōsan as 3 beats (gochi, so, san), I wanted to write a yummy music.
With the most appetizing music performers from Vienna, we tried to express sweet scents and thought every morning which music would be good for the stomach.
I would be happy if this music could just a little go with the will of living of the people.

Yoko Kanno was in charge of the music under the label Grand Funk. A very long soundtrack was released on December 4, 2013. It contains 28 tracks and lasts 71 minutes!

It is available both on iTunes and on CD format.

Gochisosan OST


01. フェルメント前奏曲
02. ゴチソウノォト
03. 少女倶楽部
04. でんしんばしらのやうな
05. モスリンマアチ
06. 走レ乙女
07. イシンデンシン?
08. オムレットワルツ
09. 閑雅な食慾
10. クロケット ベシャメルソース
12. 朝五ツ
13. 鴨のファンファアレ
14. ルリハ
15. スノピカ
16. 志ル古な憂鬱
17. 拝啓グルタミンさん
18. きなヒトデ
19. キネマ モザイク
20. オルゴオルの死
21. イル デカダン
23. 感傷的活動写真
24. 殿方につきまして
25. 貴方ヲ送ル
26. イチゴイチエ
27. 焼氷有りマスの唄
vocals: Mitsuki Takahata
28. 帝大生とハイカラリボン

All the musics are orchestral pieces, very drama-like, but some of them are quite beautiful. I really like the intro of 感傷的活動写真 (kanshōteki katsudō shashin) [trans: sentimental moving pictures]) and the track 貴方ヲ送ル (anata wo okuru [trans: let me walk you home]).