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Terror in Resonance #7 Music

A few new pieces of music were inserted in this breathtaking episode!


And still no trace of most of the first OST tracks such as von, ess, hanna, 22, lev low, ili lolol or bless

But that’s not unusual for Yoko Kanno’s projects and these pieces of music may actually not be used at all (although I’m pretty sure ili lolol and bless will be used in the last episodes).

Trigger cover & tracks & new song & samples

Yesterday was published the tracklist of the Terror in Resonance opening single performed by Yuuki Ozaki (Galileo Galilei).

Very good news: Yoko Kanno wrote another song labeled “Single version”, so that means an album version will come out soon or later. According to the Galileo Galilei website, all the tracks were written based on the Terror of Resonance universe.

Samples are available on the Sony Music single page.
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