Release – Trigger

There’s no episode of Terror in Resonance this week but there’s the opening theme single release!

This single includes two songs composed and arranged by Yoko Kanno, both performed by Yuuki Ozaki (from the Galileo Galilei band).

Yuuki Ozaki Trigger

Trigger, the Terror in Resonance opening theme, is a song I like a lot! It starts exactly like the TV version and ends almost the same way. But then, it starts again with a slightly different arrangement. Too bad there’s no bridge though.

The second song, ドブと小舟と僕らの神話 (Single Ver.) [DOBU to Kobune to Bokura no Shinwa], is pretty short (2:18), and we can feel Kanno’s touch here as soon as the song begins. The melody is a bit too chaotic for my taste, but what do you think?
Also, I’m pretty sure that if you keep only the celesta/vibraphone track (the instrument that sounds like some bells), then you get a piece of background music inserted a couple of times in the anime.


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