Clammbon new single “Yet”

Clammbon released their new single today on iTunes, and actually announced last week that Yoko Kanno did the strings arrangements!

Release date: 2015-02-11
Price: 750 ¥
Total length: 13:58
Vocals & Lyrics: Harada Ikuko
Music: mito
Arrangement: Yoko Kanno

1. yet
2. サラウンド-出戻Re-mix- (Surround -shutsurei Re-mix-) [Surround -coming back Re-mix-]
3. yet-instrumental-

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New JR East CM for the Hokuriku Shinkansen

This is Yoko Kanno’s first new song for 2015, in collaboration with the singer Lister Elia.

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Origa passes away

On January 17, 2015, Origa died at age 44 due to breast cancer.

2015-01-19 Update: Origa’s Facebook page confirmed the news and announced a new album was recorded and will be released in 2015:

This was reported by the voice actress Jenya on her blog and Twitter account.

She was a long-time friend with Yoko Kanno, had a beautiful voice, incredible vocal skills and will be terribly missed.

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Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra New Year Concert 2015

Yoko Kanno will perform as a guest at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall in 2015, January 7, for the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra New Year concert.

This piece of news is from August but was somehow unnoticed.

The Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra recorded the Gochisan drama soundtrack Yoko Kanno wrote.

The Gochisōsan music also Hana wa Saku will be performed.

Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra
New Year Concert 2015

Barbara Payha(Soprano)
Iwao Onuki(Tenor)
Yoko Kanno(Piano)
Uwe Theimer (Conductor)
Vienna Volksoper Ballet
Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra

Date: 2015-01-07 (Wed), opens at 18:20, starts at 19:00
Place: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
Ticket sale start day:2014-09-10 (Wed)
Prices (taxes incl.):
S pair seats*: ¥ 14,000, S seats: ¥ 8,000, A seats: ¥ 6,000, B seats: ¥ 4,000
*S pair tickets can only be purchased on the camerata website

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Terror in Resonance unreleased stats

It’s been a while since the second soundtrack is out but I only took some time today to clean the music sheets I’ve been maintaining.

You can have a look at these by clicking on the link below:

Terror in Resonance Music Sheets

Some interesting numbers: there were 49 tracks featured in the show, only 13 of them are unreleased. Compared to Wolf’s Rain or Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, that’s a fairly low number.

I really wanted to be able to listen to the alternative version of ess but that won’t probably happen. Too bad but I’m used to it! 😉

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