Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra New Year Concert 2015

Yoko Kanno will perform as a guest at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall in 2015, January 7, for the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra New Year concert.

This piece of news is from August but was somehow unnoticed.

The Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra recorded the Gochisan drama soundtrack Yoko Kanno wrote.

The Gochisōsan music also Hana wa Saku will be performed.

Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra
New Year Concert 2015

Barbara Payha(Soprano)
Iwao Onuki(Tenor)
Yoko Kanno(Piano)
Uwe Theimer (Conductor)
Vienna Volksoper Ballet
Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra

Date: 2015-01-07 (Wed), opens at 18:20, starts at 19:00
Place: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
Ticket sale start day:2014-09-10 (Wed)
Prices (taxes incl.):
S pair seats*: ¥ 14,000, S seats: ¥ 8,000, A seats: ¥ 6,000, B seats: ¥ 4,000
*S pair tickets can only be purchased on the camerata website

Yoko Kanno left a message about this event (home made translation, may not be 100% accurate…):

The first time I listened to the Vienna Opera Ball Orchestra, I felt a philosophy about enjoying life. Enjoying is about will. Naturally I had to choose them.
Also, when I asked them to perform the Gochisōsan music, I’m not thinking there were anyone participating there as if it was a job.
I’m looking forward to this new chance to perform with them again.

Yoko Kanno

There’s also a performance in Osaka in January 3rd but Yoko Kanno will not be there!

Tickets can be purchased online at any of the following websites:


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