What happened in 2015

Did you miss anything last year? Here's a comprehensive recap!

And also, best music wishes for 2016!

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Maaya Sakamoto 20th Anniversary Follow Me Live

Yoko Kanno was a special guest at Maaya Sakamoto’s 20th anniversary live at Saitama on 2015, April 25.

She performed a piano solo medley, Yakusoku wa Iranai, Platinum, Hikari Are, Sono Mama De Iinda and Pocket o Kara ni Shite.

Yoko Kanno playing Pocket o Kara ni Shite
Yoko Kanno playing Pocket o Kara ni Shite

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Our Little Sister O.S.T.

The original soundtrack of the Japanese movie Our Little Sister (original title: Umimachi Diary) was released on 2015, June 10.

This album was recorded in Japan with a limited set of orchestra instruments: piano, celesta, glockenspiel, strings, harp, flute, alto flute and clarinet. The theme of Suzu, the main theme of this album, is re-arranged countless times and other themes are less memorable. All tracks last less than two minutes except the final track End Roll which groups all the themes in a orchestra arrangement: five minutes of bliss! There’s also one short and good song , Illumina, performed by Julia Shortreed. The lyrics are not credited (probably because they’re too simple) but this is certainly Gabriela Robin’s work.

UmimachiDiaryOSTCoverOur Little Sister O.S.T.
Release date: 2015-06-10
Total length: 28:57
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Umimachi Diary

Yoko Kanno is in charge of the soundtrack of this new movie, Umimachi Diary, coming this summer in Japan.

There is originally a manga with the same title, and the director Koreeda Hirokazu is in charge of the movie. It will be screened in theaters starting from June 13, 2015 in Japan.

If I understood correctly, it tells the story of 4 sisters who start living together in Kamakura after their father passed away. The father rejected all of them and the youngest one had a different mother.

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Hana wa Saku Compilation Album

A compilation of 16 different versions of Hana wa Saku [Flowers Will Bloom] will be released on April 3rd, 2015.

More information about the Flowers Will Bloom project here in English.

If there’s one album to buy, I’d say this one because royalties are managed by the NHK Public Welfare Organization and donated to the affected areas of the 2011 earthquake.

Recovery Support Song “Hana wa Saku”
Compilation Album

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