Hana wa Saku Compilation Album

A compilation of 16 different versions of Hana wa Saku [Flowers Will Bloom] will be released on April 3rd, 2015.

More information about the Flowers Will Bloom project here in English.

If there’s one album to buy, I’d say this one because royalties are managed by the NHK Public Welfare Organization and donated to the affected areas of the 2011 earthquake.

Recovery Support Song “Hana wa Saku”
Compilation Album


Music and arrangement: Yoko Kanno
Lyrics: Shunji Iwai
English lyrics: Roger Pulvers

01. 花は咲く 羽生結弦バージョン
[Hana wa Saku Yuzuru Hanyu Version]
Vocals: Fumiya Sashida
Yuzuru Hanyu is a Sendai figure skater who was the Olympic and World champion in 2014. You can easily find videos of his performance over this song.
This version was released on iTunes in July 9, 2014.
And the instrumental bridge is AWESOME!

02. 花は咲く FLOWERS WILL BLOOM~Hana wa Saku~
[Hana wa Saku FLOWERS WILL BLOOM~Hana wa Saku~]
Vocals: Melba Ramos
This is the English version of the anime version.
Released as a single on April 17, 2013.

03. 花は咲く オルゴールバージョン
[Hana wa Saku Music Box Version]

04. 花は咲く
[Hana wa Saku]
Vocals: Mitsuki Takahata
This electro-pop version was inserted in the Flowers Will Bloom in Tohoku anime.

Vocals: Il Divo
This English version is available on iTunes since October 2, 2013.

06. 花は咲く ピアノバージョン
[Hana wa Saku Piano Version]
Piano: Yoko Kanno

07. 花は咲く
[Hana wa Saku]
Vocals: Karen Iwata(AKB48)
Released on the first Hana wa Saku single.

08. 花は咲く
[Hana wa Saku]
Vocals: Members from The Little Singers of Tokyo
Released on the first Hana wa Saku single.

09. 花は咲く ~雪の夜
[Hana wa Saku ~Snow Night]
Piano: Yoko Kanno

10. 花は咲く
[Hana wa Saku]
Vocals: Toshiyuki Nishida

11. 花は咲く
[Hana wa Saku]
Vocals: Vienna Boys’ Choir

12. 花は咲く アニメバージョン
[Hana wa Saku Anime Version]
Vocals: Rio Suzuki / Chorus: Fukushima Prefecture Futabagun’ookumamachi Ono Public Primary School Chorus
It was also performed by the chorus itself in the drama Yae no Sakura.
Released as a single on April 17, 2013.

13. 花は咲く
[Hana wa Saku] (Hana wa Saku Project)
Released on the first Hana wa Saku single.

14. 花は咲く~2015
[Hana wa Saku~2015]
Vocals: Iwao Onuki / Orchestra: Vienna State Opera Orchestra

15. 花は咲く instrumental
[Hana wa Saku instrumental]

16. 花は咲く FLOWERS WILL BLOOM~Hana wa Saku~オリジナルカラオケ
[Hana wa Saku FLOWERS WILL BLOOM~Hana wa Saku~ Original Karaoke]


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