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Japanese History Simulation Games

While she was still a student, and before she joined the band Tetsu 100%, Yoko Kanno happened to be in charge of several KOEI Japanese history simulation games that became pretty popular.

She was merely 20 or 21 years old back then, and that’s probably the first soundtracks she composed. She worked on 9 games from 4 game series:

  • Blue Wolves And White Does: 2nd game
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition: 2nd to 6th games (the first game didn’t have any music)
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 1st game
  • Uncharted Waters: 1st and 2nd games

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Tetsu 100% first album re-issued

The first album of the band where Yoko Kanno started her carrier is being re-issued ! It contains a bonus track which was the A-side from their first single (the B-side, Hajimete no Gaihaku, is already included in the album).


It was released on 2014, March 13 at the unusually expensive cost of 3,240 ¥.

  1. Namida no gurutan*
  2. King Komb
  3. Tobacco
  4. Yakimochi no Yakikata*
  5. America
  6. Hajimete no Gaihaku*
  7. Vodka Ippai no Hanashi
  8. Elevator ni Notte
  9. Suteki na Setting ~ Futari de Rihari*
  10. Glass Saiku no Tsugai
  11. Benico ni
  12. [Bonus track] TOKYO TACO BLUES

The 4 tracks marked with a * were composed by Yoko Kanno.