Tetsu 100% first album re-issued

The first album of the band where Yoko Kanno started her carrier is being re-issued ! It contains a bonus track which was the A-side from their first single (the B-side, Hajimete no Gaihaku, is already included in the album).


It was released on 2014, March 13 at the unusually expensive cost of 3,240 ¥.

  1. Namida no gurutan*
  2. King Komb
  3. Tobacco
  4. Yakimochi no Yakikata*
  5. America
  6. Hajimete no Gaihaku*
  7. Vodka Ippai no Hanashi
  8. Elevator ni Notte
  9. Suteki na Setting ~ Futari de Rihari*
  10. Glass Saiku no Tsugai
  11. Benico ni
  12. [Bonus track] TOKYO TACO BLUES

The 4 tracks marked with a * were composed by Yoko Kanno.


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