Space☆Dandy Tweet and #22

A tweet was published a few weeks ago about Yoko Kanno’s music in Space☆Dandy episodes 16 and 19.

According to this note the songs she wrote was the Hawaiian tune the fish was listening to in the episode 16 and the baroque piece of music introducing Gentle in the episode 19.

It also says Yoko Kanno can really do any kind of music, that it’s probably the first time she writes a Hawaiian piece of music and that these 2 tracks will be included in the second soundtrack!

The two pieces of music are exactly used around 5:00 in both episodes 16 and 19.

Also, Yoko Kanno apparently wrote some music for the episode 22.

Space Dandy ep 20 music artists

So far, she participated in the episodes 5 (with the song 知りたい (Shiritai) [trans: I want to know]), 16, 18, 19 and 22. We still don’t know what are the pieces of music she wrote for the episodes 18 and 22.


4 thoughts on “Space☆Dandy Tweet and #22”

  1. On episode 22 at 15:24 Dandy dances some orchestral music that sounds like something in the style of ” a King`s Joy” from Ragnarok 2.
    On episode 19 they put a track used on episode 16. The one when the fish goes floating in a bubble and burns. So that must be it

    1. Yes that’s what I also thought: the campy, selfconscious orchestral piece that Dandy dances to in that hilarious scene. That sounds very much like what Kanno is capable of.

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