Sakamichi no Melody -version FLY-

YUKI is releasing a new album in which the opening theme from Kids on the Slope is rearranged.

I saw today an ad outside in Tokyo and that reminded me I forgot to post something about this! Luckily, I’m not that late because this album release date is September 17, 2014!

The track we’re interested in is the 14th one, entitled 坂道のメロディ -version FLY- (Sakamichi no Melody -version FLY-) [trans: Slope Melody -version FLY-].

I couldn’t find if Yoko Kanno was the arranger of this new version so we can’t be sure though. But since she’s the composer of the original song this piece of news is still relevant.


There will be 3 versions for this album: a standard one, a first-press digital version and a first-press LP version.


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