Terror of Resonance ED Cover & Sample

Seems like I missed some info about Aimer’s song!

First there was a video which was released before the first episode aired, and contains a really interesting sample of the ending song.

We can clearly recognize the melody of the song first notes. This extract is actually used after the refrain and can be listened on Aimer’s official site.

Next, the ending cover pictures and its tracklist have been revealed. Yoko Kanno is only involved in one song but an instrumental version will be there too!

Aimer Dareka Umi o standard

Mini album “Dareka, Umi o”
Release date: 2014-09-03
Ref: DFCL-2080 (first press limited edition) / DFCL-2079 (standard edition)
01 – 誰か、海を。
02 – 白昼夢
03 – for ロンリー with 阿部真央
04 – 眠りの森 (Kazuki Remix) with Yuuki Ozaki (Galileo Galilei)
05 – Cold Sun (Ryo Nagano Remix) with 永野亮 (APOGEE)
06 – 誰か、海を。(TV size)
07 – 白昼夢(TV edit)
08 – 誰か、海を。(instrumental)

Aimer Dareka Umi o limited


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