Terror in Resonance O.S.T. Tracklist

A few websites are now listing the tracks of the Terror in Resonance OST coming out in a few weeks.

Amazon Japan as well as VGMdb are listing the 18 tracks of the album. Good news, the total length is almost 70 minutes, and the album seems to be well-balanced in background music and songs.

Though I’m not quite sure, the tracks titles are maybe written in Icelandic.

Terror in Resonance O.S.T.
Ref.: SVWC-70009
Release date: 2014-07-09
Price: 3,000 ¥ (tax not included)
Total length: 69:12

  1. lolol (1:39)
  2. von (6:14)
    vocals: Arnór Dan, lyrics: Bragi Valdimar Skúlason
  3. ess (3:36)
  4. saga (4:54)
  5. fugl (2:28)
  6. hanna (4:30)
    vocals: Hanna Berglind, lyrics: Yoko Kanno
  7. veat (3:46)
  8. lava (4:51)
    vocals: POP ETC, lyrics: Christopher Chu
  9. walt (3:14)
  10. birden (4:45)
    vocals: Arnór Dan
  11. Fa (5:38)
  12. nc17 (4:43)
  13. ís (2:41)
    vocals: POP ETC, lyrics: Christopher Chu & Keisuke Tominaga
  14. 22 (2:44)
    vocals: Ryo Nagano, lyrics: Christopher Chu & Keisuke Tominaga
  15. seele (2:03)
  16. lev low (2:34)
  17. ili lolol (5:41)
  18. bless (3:11)
    vocals: Arnór Dan

I think the different artists are working with Yoko Kanno for the first time, except for Keisuke Tominaga who was the music director of Kids in the Slope. Most of them seem to be Icelandic or Japanese artists.


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