Terror in Resonance title, PV, OP, ED

Piano Inc. just announced the renewal of the Terror in Resonance website, the release of a new PV, a sample of the opening, and details about both the opening and the ending.

First, the official English title is confirmed by Piano Inc. in its Facebook post: Terror in Resonance. The website URL seems consequently to be a mistake or a temporary title.


Then, a lot of new information is available on the new website. The music section announces that Yoko Kanno composes and arranges the opening and the ending theme:

Title: Trigger
Vocals: Yuuki Ozaki (vocal lead of the Galileo Galilei band)
Music & arrangement: Yoko Kanno
Lyrics: Yuuki Ozaki
Release date: 2014-08-27 (normal and first press editions)

The opening is featured in the new PV:

As for the ending theme:

Title: 確か、海を (Dareka, Umi o) [Translation: Somebody, into the sea]
Vocals: Aimer
Music & arrangement: Yoko Kanno
Lyrics: Ichiko Aoba
Release date: 2014-09-03 (normal and first press editions)

First press editions of these two singles will have a different jacket and will contain a DVD with respectively uncredited opening and ending sequences.


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