Original Music Sheet

A Piano Inc. music sheet by Yoko Kanno is on sale.

Yoko Kanno music sheet

This goodie is an empty music sheet available in 4 different formats for 2,500 or 3,000 ¥.

More information is available on the Piano Inc. site:

Currently, I write my little tadpoles on this music sheet.
The score for “Gochisosan”,
the score for “Terror in Tokyo”,
the arrangement score for “Hana Wa Saku”, were all written on this.

In an old music store in Viennese, I saw an old composer’s score that was written on a music sheet with lines drawn by himself.
First I made this so that I could have a music sheet that was convenient to myself.
Expressing my respect to the historical maestros, I made it in a handwritten style, with antique-looking lines,
spaces to write cords and lyrics,
an area for page numbers,
made it so it was easy to erase with an eraser,
kept it a size that is easy to fax or scan,
and also made the texture so even a tea spill would be come a “flavor”.

The biggest highlight is the egg color, that will make you feel happy writing everyday.
This is a music sheet that will bring you luck in writing great songs.

If you were a musician, I think it would be very convenient for you.
If you are trying to become a musician, it would become an emotional item to have to envision things.
If you are not a musician, it always works as a notepad.

I would like to share this with only the people who want this.

Yoko Kanno

As well as a fun attention note:

This music sheet does not have any music written on it.
Please do not try to roast with fire.
It does not mean that you can become a professional by using this.
It works differently for every individual.
When you look at this sheet, it may make you feel sleepy.
We may stop selling this depending on Yoko’s mood.

Another interesting note is the “egg color” of the music sheets.


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