Terror in Resonance

Yoko Kanno will compose the score of this Summer new Shinichiro anime.

EDIT: The official English title has been confirmed to be Terror in Resonance.

This new project will be part of the Fuji TV Noitamina programming block in July, 2014. Contrary to Space☆Dandy, Yoko Kanno is this time the sole composer of the project.

The English title has not been officially announced but I’m pretty sure it will be Terror in Tokyo if we consider the URL of the official website. The original name is 残響のテロル (Zankyō no Terror [trans: Reverberating Terror]).

3 years ago, the project Kids on the Slope was also featured on Noitamina.

We can already hear an original music in the first PV in the Facebook post below, and it’s promising! Seems like Yoko Kanno returned to her Arjuna/GITS style.


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