Release – Terror in Resonance O.S.T. 1

Today is the release day of the first O.S.T. of Terror in Resonance.

It was actually already out yesterday in some places in Japan, I was able to buy one copy and I can tell this album is awesome!

Terror in Resonance OST and limited edition bag

There’s a bag with the limited edition, but the interesting stuff is on the CD.

The cover is actually composed of 3 separate transparent layers, and the booklet is quite special too. It contains pretty long descriptions for each song, as well as Japanese translations of the different songs lyrics. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try to translate the notes someday.

Terror in Resonance OST Booklets

For those wondering if this high resolution (96kHz/24bits) CD is playable anywhere, it is. But you need a special and expensive player to play it in HD.

You can purchase this album on Amazon Japan or CD Japan.

Or you can buy just the music files on the website mora in normal or HD quality, and also on iTunes Japan.

I’m now waiting for the O.S.T. 2 announcement…

7 thoughts on “Release – Terror in Resonance O.S.T. 1”

    1. The lyrics are credited to Yoko Kanno so it’s gibberish.

      Funny thing, in the booklet they didn’t translate her lyrics because they said the lyrics author didn’t want them to be translated, this is to say the lyrics don’t actually have any meaning 🙂

  1. This is a design of regular edition? Or there is a few different? I’m wondering, because I want to order this album to Europe, but I want to have sure that I will get my copy with this amazing design!

    1. This is a first press limited edition, but I’m pretty sure the design will still be the same with regular editions, especially at that price.

      If you buy a first press edition you just get something offered with it depending on where you buy it. I bought mine in a Tsutaya store and they were offering a bag with it.

      If I quote the translation of the OST HP provided by

      The soundtrack will ship on July 9 for 3,000 yen (US$29). Several retailers, including Aniplex+, Animate, Gamers, Tower Record, HMV, Tsutaya, and Sony Music Shop, will offer a Terror in Resonance shopper bag as a gift with purchase. Aniplex+ will also offer a special LP jacket by character designer Kazuto Nakazawa, Tower Record will offer a jacket photograph sticker, HMV will offer a postcard-size illustration, and Noitamina shop will offer a bromide.

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