Terror in Resonance O.S.T. Notes – Part 3

An interview of Yoko Kanno just appeared on the Terror in Resonance O.S.T. homepage:

— What kind of concept the music of Terror in Resonance is?

Yoko Kanno: A cold-eyed angel. Silent sounds.

— Can you explain why this time you’ve been to Iceland?

Yoko Kanno: To look for the northern countries unique sounds, on the order of the director.

Terror in Resonance OST YK interview 1

— How many pieces of music did you record in Iceland?

Yoko Kanno: If I include Iceland in all the recording we did, we inserted extracts recorded there in almost all the music. We stayed there around one week.

— What did you like in Iceland?

Yoko Kanno: I went myself in these overwhelming landscapes and felt the presence of the snow with my body. In cold places sounds resonate quickly and make the tuning subtle, and although there aren’t many things around, in order to do something with the few things there are, I had to make the link between the local colors and a certain sense of beauty. I really liked it, and even after coming home I still feel like I left my soul over there.

Terror in Resonance OST YK interview 2

— During the recording did any kind of episode happen?

Yoko Kanno: The engineer brought a puppy to the studio. He was a male retriever named Guddy, he had only a few weeks and was so cute. I brushed him everyday and we became friends.
I had a day off and the next day when we met again, he was so excited he couldn’t control himself and peed.

— Do you want to tell something to your fans?

Yoko Kanno: You will feel the northern atmosphere during the Summer airing.


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