Space☆Dandy O.S.T.

An original sountrack of Space☆Dandy will be released in March 26, 2014. Space Dandy OST1

Yoko Kanno is involved in only 2 tracks:

16. 知りたい (Shiritai [trans: I wanna know])
(music: Yoko Kanno & Izumi Makura, arrangement: mabanua, lyrics & vocals: Izumi Makura)

23. X次元へようこそ (X Jigen e Yōkoso [trans: Welcome to the X Dimension]) (TV size)
(music & lyrics: Tika Alpha, arrangement: Yoko Kanno, vocals: Yakushimaru Etsuko)

There’s an advertising where you can hear “I wanna know” at the very end:


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