Song of Departure concert recording and score

The Waseda University Glee Club performance of a Song of Departure was recorded and can be purchased.

I strongly invite you to read May’s articles about this event on her blog Gabriela Robin.

A CD and DVD are available on the Waseda university glee club website, it’s said that the DVD will not contain the ∀ Gundam song 限りなき旅路 (Kagiri Naki Tabiji [trans: The Endless Journey]), so I think the CD does.
The CD costs ¥3,000 while the DVD costs ¥4,000. The performance is supposed to last 30 minutes.


01. Planeta
02. Grindel
03. Vulcanus
04. Rosalind
05. Hyquiella
06. Hikari
07. Patria
08. Dinga linga
09. The Departure

Piano Inc. published a digest on its soundcloud page:

It makes me think of A Song to Fly songs like The Ship and especially Hallelujah!

On top of that, since July 11, 2013, a 80 page official chorus score is available on the Piano Inc. shop for ¥3,000.



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