Takahashi Bookstore “The future begins”

Yoko Kanno wrote the music of the Japanese bookstore Takahashi campaign.

This campaign started around December 12, 2013. It focuses on the bookstore notebooks and shows two Japanese celebrities. It is untitled「未来がはじまるよ。」(“The future begins”) and carries the slogan「手帳は高橋」(“Notebooks are at Takahashi”).

There are two comercials, one with Murata Ryōta, a Japanese boxer who won a gold medal at the London olympics in 2012, and another on with Hayashi Osamu, a Japanese modern literature professor  and TV animator.

Each commercial is 15s or 30s long and can be watched on the campaign website.

The press release describes quickly Yoko Kanno’s work:

“The composer Yoko Kanno who was recently in charge of the music of the NHK drama “Gochisōsan” wrote the Takahashi library main theme. It is a bright and positive melody dedicated to the persons who are proud to give their best so that the future they long for may eventually happen.”

The full music is available on the Piano Inc. sounds page.


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