Sekisui House song “Sha Maison” version

Yoko Kanno arranged a song for a Sekisui House commercial.

Update: The song can be listened on the Piano Inc. sound page.

This commercial started airing around December 16, 2013. The song is originally the main theme of Sekisui House.

This “Sha Maison” version was arranged by Yoko Kanno and is credited on the Piano Inc. website:

– Title:積水ハウスの歌「シャーメゾン」バージョン (Sekisui House no uta “Sha Maison” version [trans: Sekisui House song “Sha Maison” version])
– Music:Asei Kobayashi
– Lyrics:Hiroshi Ichikura
– Arrangement:Yoko Kanno
– Vocals:Asako Nasu


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