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Release – Space☆Dandy O.S.T. 2

The second Space☆Dandy O.S.T. is out today and Yoko Kanno wrote 3 tracks which are all quite different from each other.

Sci-Fi Palace is a piece of baroque music with harpsichords and organs. classique d’amour〜Ai no KURASHIKKU is also a piece of classical music but this time we have a triumphant orchestral track with strings and orchestral percussions and led by a trumpet. And Uchūsen wa MAHIMAHI no Yume o Miru is a Hawaiian casual and relaxed track.

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3 YK tracks in Space☆Dandy O.S.T. 2

The tracklist of the second album of Space☆Dandy was announced and Yoko Kanno wrote 3 background tracks!

Disc 1 – 03 Sci-Fi Palace

Disc 2 – 04 classique d’amour〜愛のクラスィーク
[trans: respectively French and Japanese for “classical love”]

Disc 2 – 14 宇宙船はマヒマヒの夢をみる
(Uchūsen wa MAHIMAHI no yume o miru)
[trans: The spaceship sees dolphinfishes dreams]


This album release is scheduled for October 8, 2014.

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Space☆Dandy Tweet and #22

A tweet was published a few weeks ago about Yoko Kanno’s music in Space☆Dandy episodes 16 and 19.

According to this note the songs she wrote was the Hawaiian tune the fish was listening to in the episode 16 and the baroque piece of music introducing Gentle in the episode 19.

It also says Yoko Kanno can really do any kind of music, that it’s probably the first time she writes a Hawaiian piece of music and that these 2 tracks will be included in the second soundtrack! Continue reading Space☆Dandy Tweet and #22