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Release – Space☆Dandy O.S.T. 2

The second Space☆Dandy O.S.T. is out today and Yoko Kanno wrote 3 tracks which are all quite different from each other.

Sci-Fi Palace is a piece of baroque music with harpsichords and organs. classique d’amour〜Ai no KURASHIKKU is also a piece of classical music but this time we have a triumphant orchestral track with strings and orchestral percussions and led by a trumpet. And Uchūsen wa MAHIMAHI no Yume o Miru is a Hawaiian casual and relaxed track.

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3 YK tracks in Space☆Dandy O.S.T. 2

The tracklist of the second album of Space☆Dandy was announced and Yoko Kanno wrote 3 background tracks!

Disc 1 – 03 Sci-Fi Palace

Disc 2 – 04 classique d’amour〜愛のクラスィーク
[trans: respectively French and Japanese for “classical love”]

Disc 2 – 14 宇宙船はマヒマヒの夢をみる
(Uchūsen wa MAHIMAHI no yume o miru)
[trans: The spaceship sees dolphinfishes dreams]


This album release is scheduled for October 8, 2014.

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