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Terror in Resonance #9 Music

The song von, which can be seen as the central track of the first O.S.T., was used in this episode which by the way received highly rated comments from viewers!

von was inserted during more than 5 minutes in a really moving scene, and the other BGM tracks of this episode are all tracks I hope to see in the second O.S.T.!


Only 2 episodes left!

Release – Dareka, Umi o

Today was the release date of the Terror of Resonance ending theme single by Aimer.

My ears are very happy today because they can listen to the full version of the song which is magnificently written, performed and mixed. Every single sound, instrument, voice in this song perfectly mixes itself with the other sounds and the final result is a kind of a dark prayer, a little twisted at some point, but in a very beautiful way.

Aimer Dareka Umi o standard