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Childhood high school

On September 30, 2013, Yoko Kanno and other celebrities who used to attend the Mukaiyama high school in Sendai visited it.

There are just a few tweets about it, and they do not tell if there was some kind of event.

Merry Song

Remember the male vocalist audition held by Piano Inc. at the beginning of the year? 5 singers were selected and performed a song called “Merry Song”.

This song will be used to promote the Merry Project, which is part of the Merry charity foundation.


music:Yoko Kanno
lyrics:Hiroshi Ichikura
vocals:Ryan Fornoles,  Blake Swift, Takuya Sakamoto, Takatoshi Maeda, Haruka Ishikawa
music video: Naoki Imamura

The full music is available on the Piano Inc. sounds page.